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Welcome everybody comming to this website!

It is my intention to use it for sharing ideas with my friends this way because there are to many of them to write to. You may use the guestbook to drop any comment you may have. I would love if you attach also some pictures or any other file.

Here are only a couple of you who I keep in my heart.

Joe Brett
Gerry & Marsha Whipple
Babe & Winkie Whipple
Patrick Sherman
Larry & Viki Lange
Dorothy Elwood
Joel Etreim
Carol Dawning
Ken & Linda King
"Bo" Blackmore
Ron Matkin
Alan Beste
Barbara & Brain
Bob & Lea Delzer
Mell & Peggy West
Brad Baker
Terry Luppo
Lee Cox
Marc Sullivan
Dick & Diedra Breckenridge
Jeff Devall
Kent & Stefany MsQuilan
Paul Watson
Denis Hughes
Joel Weeks
Connie & Tom Cacavas
John & Betty Jarret
Jerry & Giny Handorf
Peter & Ann Matz
John Codder
Bruce Semingson
Patrick Dorner
Robb Emmet

and hundreds of others I don't remember right now
because of my "RAM owerflow"...